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Beau Travail / Djibouti

I don’t really have much of a desire to join the French Foreign Legion.

Google's lost my blog

Last month I moved my main developer blog from cleverbuilder.com to tomd.xyz. And somehow I seem to have lost most of my traffic. Oops.

Quarterly Review: 2018 Q4

Here’s my final quarterly review of 2018, and a quick look at 2019.

What I've learned while writing my first book

This is the story of what I’ve learned so far whilst writing my first book, Camel Step-by-Step.

Quarterly Review: 2018 Q2

Welcome to my second quarterly review. This is where I share what’s going on in my side projects - the things that are working, the things that aren’t, and how I’m feeling about it.

First sale!

Huge week to share with you!

Pre-orders now available for my book

It’s Easter weekend. That means 4 days off work. Perfect time to get stuff done.

Quarterly Review: 2018 Q1

Welcome to the first of my quarterly reviews!

I'm writing a book

Yes, I’m writing a book.

Web development woes

So, I’m dabbling in web development again.

Git Cheat Sheet

This page is just some useful commands for Git that I keep forgetting.

Homebrew cheat sheet

A selection of commands and info that I use with Homebrew, to help me remember for those times when I inevitably forget everything.

Enable graphical user interface (desktop) in RHEL, CentOS

When you don’t have a graphical desktop in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, either because you’ve disabled it, or because you just don’t have it installed…

vim Cheat Sheet

My all-time favourite commands for vim. Check out these classic hits.

Fast switching between Gmail inboxes

Here’s a useful tip I found purely by accident. Useful if you have multiple Google accounts that you often need to switch between.

OpenShift Cheat Sheet

This page is where I put the commands and script-fu that I tend to use most often for OpenShift 3 (Kubernetes/Docker). Originally written to aid my poor memory, but shared here in case you find it useful.

Fixing DNS issues when using Vagrant Landrush

The landrush plugin for Vagrant is mega useful. It acts as a mini-DNS server for your host and guest machines, making the process of network config so much easier.

Fixing missing VPN shared secret in OS X El Capitan

This morning I finally updated my work MacBook to OS X 10.11.3. Shortly afterwards though, I found that I could no longer connect to my employer’s VPN. What follows is a quick background of my problem and how I fixed it.